VIDAL Integrated content

Documentation functions and structured data

Documentation functions and structured data VIDAL Integrated provides third-party applications with rapid access to reference clinical information on drugs, curated by a team of healthcare experts (pharmacists, physicians, pharmacologists) and based on national and international reference sources. Product Information (Structured Data) Brand name Generic name (Virtual Drug name) National code ATC classification (WHO) Active ingredient(s) […]

Alert functions

Alerts functions Drug Interactions Module The VIDAL drugs database provides data on clinically relevant drug to-drug interaction involving pharmacological or pharmacokinetic mechanisms. An interaction is described by: A risk level based on the following severity scale: – Contraindication – Not recommended – Caution – To be taken into account A description of the interaction mechanism. […]

Search & Substitution functions

Search functions API access to the whole graph of drug information facilitates the implementation of a large variety of search functionalities. Criteria that may be used to lookup branded or generic drugs include: Product name Ingredient Local code ATC Classification Therapeutic indication Substitution functions Similarly, proposing drug alternatives to the healthcare professional may be based […]