Alert functions

Alerts functions

Drug Interactions Module

The VIDAL drugs database provides data on clinically relevant drug to-drug interaction involving pharmacological or pharmacokinetic mechanisms.
An interaction is described by:

  • A risk level based on the following severity scale:
    • – Contraindication
    • – Not recommended
    • – Caution
    • – To be taken into account
  • A description of the interaction mechanism.
  • Patient monitoring information, if available, with appropriate actions to be taken in response to the alert.


Drug Health Module

The aim of the drug health module is to help physicians confidently determine what will be a safe and appropriate medication for a patient in relation to his specific medical condition.

The module checks for contraindications and precautions based on patient profile information, and includes the following sub-modules:

  • Drug – Age
  • Drug – Weight
  • Drug – Gender
  • Drug – Lactation
  • Drug – Pregnancy (based on weeks of amenorrhea)
  • Drug – Pathology (based on ICD-10)
  • Drug – Renal Failure (based on creatinine clearance)


Drug Dose Module

Checks over-dosage and under-dosage of drugs based on the patient profile (age, weight, gender)


Drug Allergy Module

Checks the risk of allergic reactions between drugs and patient-known allergens. Includes detection of cross-sensitivity reactions.


Drug Duplicate Ingredient Module

The presence of the same active substance – or a parent one – in two drugs belonging to the same prescription can be detected in order to prevent any over dosage and adverse toxicity events.


Drug Warning Module

Provides warning on specific patient monitoring or prevents special risks linked to drug prescription. These would entail taking into account and monitoring biological parameters throughout the treatment in order to reduce morbidity and harm to patients.